Upcoming Performances

  • Feb 9

    Ravenswood Centenary Centre - Ravenswood School For Girls


  • May 9

    Foundry 616


  • Aug 22

    Nolan on Lovel Gallery


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Alturas are a Sydney-based quintet specialising in the performance of contemporary tango with distinct jazz influences.

With a constantly expanding repertoire, Alturas push boundaries with unique reworkings of traditional tangos, along with stunning arrangements of Piazzolla, Ziegler, Egozcue and contemporary composers including several original pieces.    

Alturas are currently recording their second CD which moves further into the genre of jazz and includes works from Venezuela and Brazil as well as many Argentinean classics.

The first performance for 2015 is for the Killara music club on 9th February.  Public are most welcome to attend - see our Calendar page for details.




An absolute pleasure to play Alturas. Congratulations on a beautiful sounding album.

Robbie Buck, The Inside Sleeve, Radio National

I get a lot of CDs and my ears perked up when I heard yours.

Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet, Radio National.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Amanda Tse & Carole Hampshire(CD)